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CFJ-EN Projects 

This scheme is set up to support member organisations of the CFJ-EN to set up a Child Advisory Board in the country they are based in, pursuant to Strategic Priority 1 of the CFJ-EN : ‘Strengthening Children’s Agency’.

 The 2023 scheme has now closed.

The project aims at improving children and youth’s knowledge of their rights and ability to claim them. Every year, a group of children will participate in a visit to the European Union and Council of Europe institutions and meet child justice and child protection professionals.


The first annual caravan is planned for 2023.

The project aims at enhancing the participation of children and youth to the governance of the Network.

It involves in particular child-led awareness raising and advocacy material, reviewing creative products, resources and materials developed by the network and advising the CFJ-EN on their priorities.

The first CAB will formally start in 2023.

The project aimed at encouraging and implementing an adaptation of administrative proceedings in which children are involved in Europe. A report on child migrants and child friendly administrative justice procedures and a toolkit for professionals were produced.

The project took place from November 2018 to November 2020.

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