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The project aims to guide and promote the adaptation of administrative proceedings to the specificities of the child. This approach is based on the child-friendly principles enshrined in the Guidelines of the Council of Europe for a child-friendly justice (for more information please see this link).


This project will enable the Network to have an overview of the implementation of child-friendly justice in European countries participating in the project (good practices and needs of professionals working with children in contact with the judicial system). It will also allow us to have an overview of good practices and needs of young people. Finally this project will bring an effective response to these needs and gaps. The whole project is based on a bottom-up approach. 

Thanks to these tools and to this project, professionals will effectively be aware of the child-friendly justice principles and of the way they can implement child-friendly justice, the way they can be trained or supported.



CFJ-IA report
Child migrants and Child-friendly administrative justice procedures

This document aims at raising awareness on child-friendly approaches in migration-related procedures concerning unaccompanied and accompanied foreign children applying for international protection. It can be used as an advocacy tool for human and children’s rights organisations when addressing key stakeholders. It also includes informative material relevant to professionals in contact with child migrants (whether they are guardians, lawyers or professionals working in contact with child migrants involved in international protection procedures), highlighting key elements ensuring that child migrants can benefit from the best adapted justice system to their needs and requirements

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CFJ-IA toolkit for professionals

Designed to be as simple, clear and straightforward as possible, this tool helps professionals working with child migrants to integrate key elements enabling the mainstreaming of child-friendly principles into their work.

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Voices of children

This document is a compilation of the quotes from child migrants who participated in the CFJ-IA project. It contains children's opinions on migration related administratrive justice procedures 

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