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Children come into contact with the justice system in many different ways. This can be for family matters such as divorce or adoption, in administrative justice for nationality or immigration issues or in criminal justice as victims, witnesses or (alleged) perpetrators of crimes. They may also need to reach a justice system seeking for remedies when their rights are not fully respected.


However, respect for children's rights in the field of justice for children is relatively heterogeneous, while all European countries have signed and ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Furthermore, juvenile justice systems in European countries remain insufficiently adapted to children. Justice institutions and professionals are not sufficiently trained when they come into contact with children.


When faced with the justice system, children are thrown into an intimidating adult world they often don’t understand. Adapting the justice systems to their needs is therefore a necessity.

That is the purpose of this Network.

OK, but how ?


How can we adapt the justice system

to the child 

CFJ - European Network

Address: Défense des Enfants International Belgique - 30 rue du Marché aux Poulets, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Email: info@cfjnetwork.eu

Phone: 0032 2 203 79 08



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