The Child-Friendly Justice European Network intends to exchange information and expertise, further disseminate useful tools produced and gather them to make them more accessible.


You will find here all the publications of our members, resulting from collaborative projects. We generally produce two types of publications:


  • Unprecedented overview reports on a series of themes related to juvenile justice

  • Practical guides to promote and provide the keys to a better implementation of child-friendly justice on the ground 

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Research - Children on the move

This research contains findings and recommendations for a better respect of children's rights in migration-related procedures.

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Practical Guide for Lawyers

This Guide seeks to train lawyers about their essential role as agents of change in combatting children’s rights violations in juvenile justice proceedings.


Manual for EU member states

This Manual seeks to guide Member States in ensuring that their national laws and practices comply with the relevant  international standards and principles

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International guide for lawyers

This guide attempts to provide guidance to lawyers regarding their role and provide information on the manner in which they might combine their legal expertise with soft skills.

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Handbook - Participatory approach

This practical handbook aims to help professionals to foster children's rights in places where they are deprived of liberty thanks to approved good practices.

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Practical guide - Monitoring detention places

This Guide aims to be used  by monitoring mechanisms to prepare, implement and follow up monitoring visits in places where children are deprived of liberty.


European overview of monitoring and complaint models 

This report aims to inform on the different monitoring and complaint models. It illustrates the advantages and disadvantages of the different systems.

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Guide for Parliamentarians  

This guide aims to reinforce the capacity of Parliamentarians in their role as monitors of places of detention where children are detained as a result of immigration proceedings. 

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Regional comparative report

The research was designed to ensure that national laws transposing European directives were known and properly applied by legal practitioners thanks to interviews.

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Handbook for legal professionals

Exchanges with professionals enable to develop this practical tool for legal practitioners to give them the skills to assist foreign children suspected/ accused.


Handbook - Participatory approach

The Handbook TWELVE aims to promote meaningful child participation in the context of the juvenile penal justice system.


National reports - Child participation

3 national reports: Italy, Belgium & Spain. These report presents an overview of the situation in these countries with regards to juvenile justice and the right to participate granted to children.


Report on diversion in juvenile justice

 This report aims at identify ing the challenges and obstacles for the use of diversion and to map the existing measures that present an alternative to the traditional judicial systems for children