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Our Work

Our projects and actions promote child friendly justice and bring about significant changes for children in contact with justice systems and professionals working in that field. 

It seemed obvious to create a formal partnership after several years of regular collaboration between the various members.

CFJ-EN Projects

Some of our projects are developed by the Network as a whole. They are usually on a wider scale and more permanent.

Image de McKinzie Millard

Member's Projects

Some of our projects are developed by one or more of our members along with partners outside of the Network. These tend to be more specific and thematic.

Travailler à l'extérieur
Événement de conférence

CFJ-EN Annual Seminars

Every year we hold an Annual Seminar on child friendly justice in one of our members' countries.

Des collègues qui discutent en vidéoconférence

CFJ-EN Webinars

We also organise free webinars including an annual European Webinar to discuss specific child friendly thematics.

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