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Our Governance

The General Assembly 

The General Assembly determines the general policies and undertakes all important decisions, including election and recalling of the Steering Committee members, the approval of the budget, the approval of the strategy and the acceptance and exclusion of members of the Network. It is the democratic heart of the Network where a fair and equal representation of each member’s voices is ensuring. 

General assembly group picture

The Steering Committee 

The Steering Committee is the executive body of the Network in charge of the orientations and strategies that the General Assembly will adopt. It decides the policy recommendations for the Network, the cross-cutting themes to be addressed, the Strategy to be pursued.  All its decisions are shared in a transparent way.  The Steering Committee Members are: DCI Greece, DCI Italy, Aire Centre, Tdh Europe, LBI, DCI Netherlands, DCI Belgium, Strathclyde University CYCL.

Steering commitee picture

The Operational Team

The Operational Team is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the strategy, implements the guidelines decided by the SC with approval of the GA. It is accountable to the GA and the GA annual meetings are the official tool allowing the OT to report on progress. It provides the secretariat, leadership and general coordination of the Network. It relays all information to the Members responds to their requests. The OT ensures the promotion of the Network by seeking necessary funds and partners for the overall operation of the Network.

Operational team picture

Children's Governance

The governance of the CFJ-EN has also been thought to fully integrate children’s participation and welcome their contributions in the annual strategic plan. Children and young people aged 12-24, accompanied by CFJ-EN members, will be involved in CFJ-EN governance-related decisions and be invited to provide inputs on capacity building, awareness raising and advocacy material.

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