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CFJ-EN Annual Webinars 

 On an annual basis we hold webinars on child friendly justice with expert panels.

Our second European took place in May 2023 following the publication of the Challenge Paper “Towards LGBTI+ sensitive justice system for children in Europe”, with experts, NGOs and policy makers addressing and discussing the issue.

See the recording of the European Webinar 2023 here.















Our first European Webinar "Do Words Matter?" took place in December 2022 and engaged with participants to take part in a debate on “terminologies” used in the field of child friendly justice and the evolution of terms globally. It aimed to bring to light the impact or risks associated with using and translating English terms into other languages, which in some cases could cause stigmatisation, as words might have a different meaning in another cultural context.


See the recording of the European webinar 2022 and read the final report.

Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 10.48.15.png
Screenshot of European Webinar
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