Our projects

The network was created in 2018 but has actually been operational for several years in an informal way. 


Many projects defending or promoting child friendly justice have already emerged and are bringing about significant changes for children in contact with justice and professionals working in that field. 


It seemed obvious to create a formal partnership after several years of regular collaboration between the various members.


The Network's projects:

Child Friendly Justice in action!
From November 2018 - to November 2020

The project aims to encourage and implement an adaptation of administrative proceedings in which  children are involved in Europe. To do this, the project will be divided into two phases: research & action !

Children's rights behind bars

From 2014 to 2018

The project aims at improving detention conditions of children through training of monitoring bodies and professionals, enhancing protection of children deprived of liberty by promoting effective participation and fostering collaboration of services involved in reintegration.


Projects involving several of our members:


Alternative ways to address youth

From 2017 to 2019

The project aims to ensure that multidisciplinary professionals are more aware and better equipped concerning diversion for arrested/suspected children. There are available services and opportunities for diversion in the project countries, but current measures are not appropriate or effective. 

My lawyer, my rights
From 2016 to 2018

Today, access to a lawyer and adequate legal assistance for minors remains a challenge overall, with few countries boasting an adequate system in this regard.
In response to this, the "My Lawyer, my rights" project aims to strengthen children's rights in criminal proceedings.

Children's Rights Helpdesk

Since 2018 

Following the example of the successful Children's Rights Helpdesk, DCI established a Children's Rights Helpdesk in Greece and Italy. At the Children's Rights Helpdesk, lawyers from various teams work in the field of youth assistance.The Children's Rights Helpdesk is approached daily by children, parents, lawyers and other care providers. We look at what we can do in each individual case.



From December 2016 to 2018 

The project’s general objective is to improve the level and quality of protection of child victims or potential victims of violence by empowering guardians, legal representatives and foster parents of children deprived of parental care within an integrated child protection Framework.


From September 2015 to February 2017

The PRO-JUS project aims to ensure that foreign children suspected or accused in criminal proceedings benefit from the procedural guarantees recognised for them in the EU Directives on the right to information, the right to translation and the right to legal assistance in criminal proceedings.


From November 2015 to December 2016

From previous researches, the need to enhance the specific training on children’s rights emerges, particularly those concerned with children’s participation in decisions affecting them.The project aims at training key professionals involved in the work with vulnerable children and integrating training on children’s rights and child friendly justice into regular national training and education curricula for professionals.  


From October 2014 to March 2016

The main goal of the project contributes to the implementation of article 12 of the CRC (right to participation) in the field of Juvenile Justice  by developing a multidisciplinary training process aimed at strengthening and harmonising the skills and capacities of professionals in addressing children's rights and specific needs as a key element of an appropriate, efficient and inclusive action.