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Launch event on 3rd April : CFJ European Network is born

Around 30 participants attended the launch event of our new Network last 3rd April, interested to know more about the initiative, in order to potentially become member, to explore some paths of partnership.


To open this session, we were honored to welcome Marta Tarragona Fenosa, Assistant Policy Officers at the European Commission (DG Justice - Rights of the child team,) Astrid Podsiadlowski, Head of Sector Rights of the Child for the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, Gisella Gori, Program Adviser at the Council of Europe Liaison Office to the European Union, and Koulla Yiasouma elected chair of ENOC and Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People. They all welcomed the initiative with great enthusiasm and showed their support.

Then it was the occasion to tell a bit more about the rationale, the objective and the identity of the Network. It was also the opportunity to show some example of cooperation: Laurent Beauthier, Project manager at Defence for Children Belgium, and coordinator of the first project of the European Network presented the project Child-Friendly in action and Jennifer Davidson, Executive Director – Celcis and Inspiring Children’s Futures took this Opportunity to present an ongoing initiative to raise awareness on access to justice for children in the Framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We ended the session with questions and/or inputs of participants. All participants show a strong interest in this initiative.

The Child-Friendly Justice European Network was officially born !

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